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                您現在所在的位置:首頁--(外繞/拼塊式)WPR- 2/4型 定子自動排繞機

                (外繞/拼塊式)WPR- 2/4型 定子自動排繞機


                WPR-2/4  Stator Coil Arraying and Winding Machine


                本機用於無刷電機外繞定子的自動繞線,更換工裝後可繞不同的但余威已經積壓在他們心裏電機定子,工作後可自動繞線,排線,分度,拉線入槽,自動剪線等動作,實現全自動繞線,排列整齊,繞線速度快,生再看到產效率高。工業級人〗機界面,彩色觸摸屏操作。專業化界@ 面設計,操作方便快捷合作夥伴。     嵌入式模塊化設計,功能強大,客戶可根據自己需求自行編程。以EEPROM存儲,最短保持十年。


                This machine is used for automatic outer winding of the brushless motor stator. It can wind different motor stators by replacing the tooling. It can automatically wind, array, index, pull the wire into the slot, trim the wire etc. It comes out coils neatly arranged, with fast winding speed and high production efficiency. Industrial-grade human-machine interface, color touch screen operation. Professional interface design, easy to operate. The embedded modular design is powerful and can be programmed by the customer according to his own needs. The memory is kept in a battery-free design and stored in EEPROM for a minimum of ten years. 

                技術參數/Technicai Parameters

                電源電壓Supply voltage

                AC220±10% 50Hz

                氣源壓力Air pressure


                繞線電機 Winding motor


                排線電機 Arraying motor 0.75kw

                定子外徑 Stator OD


                定子厚度Stator thickness


                適繞線徑Suitable wire size


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